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Automate Calculated column in Spotfire

Shubh M

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Hey Everyone

Happy new Year to Spotfire Community :-)


I need some help around creating calculated column/expression in Spotfire, which reads values from XLS source.


Expression looks like:


when ([Machine Name A] in ("123")) and ([startDate]>=Date(2019,8,22)) and ([startDate]=Date(2019,8,22)) and ([startDate]=Date(2019,11,3)) and ([startDate]=Date(2019,11,3)) and ([startDate]=Date(2019,9,5)) and ([startDate]=Date(2019,9,5)) and ([startDate]

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Hey Rayees,


Thanks for your advice on calculating exression.


I have written this initial peice of code which gives me the required expression, but now i have few more follow up questions where i seek your help. 


how can we assign a script output to document property

how can we use one scripts output as input to another script


I basically need to add this script output as calculated column in data table. Let me know if any more details needed from my side. 


Many thanks in advance. 


Regards, Shubs

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