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Issues with Property Controls in JavaScript Pop-up window for Version 10

Terence Carder

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During migration testing - v7.10 to v10.3.2 -we noticed that ourexisting pop-up windows are no longer working as expected in the WebPlayer for Spotfire version 10!

One of our pop-ups contains several property controls, and is used to allowthe user to create Bookmarks. We've switched off the main bookmark functionality as we are limiting bookmarks to filters and marking.

We have managed to get the pop-up to appear using JQuery, but it seems you cannot execute a python script from a JQuery pop-up!

We tried implementing the following solution, but it either doesn't work or I implemented it incorrectly


I've attached a dxp containing both JQuery and our original solution.

Can anyone help us get this to work in the WebPlayer for Spotfire 10

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Hi Shandilya,


I am also having the same problem and found that when applying the resolution in the article (https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Anchor-links-do-not-work-in-text-areas-web-client) that the popups only opened in Chrome and not Internet Explorer. In addition to that, if you navigate to a different page (and even then back to the same page), then the popup no longer works. I believe this is also happening in the updated dxp you have provided :( 


I believe the problems are due to changes in the document URL but I have been unable to solve them in both Chrome and IE. Please note this is for the CSS popup, the JQuery popup works on all tabs and browsers but it does not look like I can use this as I need to fire an IronPython script from within the popup which does not seem possible when using JQuery...maybe I am wrong though Any help would be greatly appreciated!


(link used for setting up JQuery:  https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/how-include-your-own-instances-jquery-and-jqueryui-text-areas )

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This code will help the issue only in Chrome. Can you try this and see if it helps


$( document ).ready(function() {
$("#all").find('a').each(function() {
   var $this = $(this);
   var _href = $this.attr("href");
   if (_href.charAt(0) == "#") {
   var ind=document.URL.indexOf("#close");
   if (ind > 0)
   var temp = document.URL.substring(0,ind-2);
   $this.attr("href", temp + _href);
  $this.attr("href", document.URL + _href);
//$(".close").attr("href", document.URL + "#close");



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