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About labels in map chart


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Hi all,

I have some questions aboutlabels on a map chart.

My data table has 5 columns, Code, Availability, Period, lattitude, longitude.

I created my map chart, butproblems occured.


1. I'd like to add simple table(like 'to_be.png') to my map chart. (instead of 'as_is.png')

is it possible in spotfire


2. If problem 1 is impossible, is it possible to customize labels

For example,Nicely aligning the three labels in a single line or Varyingcolors by category(ex, Code)


spotfire version :


Please help me


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I don't think it is possible to display labels in a tabular form or in a single line. As a possible workaround, you can try to add the values you want to display in a tooltip (Properties >> Layers >> double click the Marker Layer you are using >> Tooltip >> Add the values you want to display). After doing this, you can get the required labels after hovering over the marker points.
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Thanks, I could come up with an idea from your answer.


I configured label expression as


"Code : " & First(

) & "nAvailability : " & Avg([Availability]) & "nPeriod : " & Avg([Period])




I think it seems better than 'as_is.png'

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