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X- Axis Month for Jan 2020

Anthony stark

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Hi Experts ,

I have a line chars with the x-Axis limited with the following expression: [DATE]>=dateadd('mm',-6, Date TimeNow()), and the data source is an excel spreadshhet that is updated with data manually. The problem is, when i updated the data with today/ january data, the Current month (January) is now before the other months on the X-axis. How do i get the January data to come after decemember, and not before july Currently the X-axis is: Jan, July, Aug, Sep,Oct,Nov, Dec. July - Dec are all 2019 data, and January is 2020 data, how do i get the january 2020 data to come after the Dec 2019 data on the x-axis

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You would need to append year as well in your x-axis so Jan2020 comes after Dec2019. If you simply custom sort jan after dec then when dec 2020 arrives Jan 2020 will appear after dec. You can add Year NEST Month in your x-axis, then pull the X-Axis labels line downwards so year gets hidden and months are aligned accordingly. Attaching the screenshot for reference
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