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Missing data on Chrome

Loan Sanchez

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Hi everyone,

I have an issue only on Chrome and I can't find anyone who has the same problem as me.

I have my data from a data connection and on Chrome i have a problem (no problem on IE/Edge and on Analyst) if anyone have thought on where's the problem I would be happy to hear it.

I think that the problem is created when i'm doing the transformations and maybe the problem come from the format of the date.

Thanks & Regards,


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Good morning,


I had a recent issue which was similar; I had built a report which worked fine for most of my end users, but a couple of end users were having issues which resulted in an error (displayed below). This error occured due to local date settings on some computers in my companies network.


As I couldn't account for the date settings on any given user's computer, I decided that it would make most sense to build a more robust solution into the dashboard itself. I used the "custom" format to make sure that no matter what the user's local settings were, the DateTime column affected would always appear in a format that the rest of my dashboard would understand.



Hopefully this helps!

Kind Regards,



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