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Manoj Chaurasia

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Not sure why this question was never answered, but just in case this comes up in searches . . . .

Especially for monitoring, there really is no best way. Such choices are optimized in the context of a particular application and organizational infrastructure. That's one of the reasons there are multiple monitoring methods provided by the StreamBase product -- different methods for different situations.

While there is no Hawk plugin specific to StreamBase, a number of StreamBase users that use TIBCO Hawk (recently renamed TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk) use the Hawk JMX Plugin to monitor StreamBase MBeans' values, including those built into the StreamBase Runtime as well as creating MBeans custom to the StreamBase application with StreamBase JMX adapters.

Other monitoring tools and APIs available from StreamBase and/or TIBCO Streaming:

- StreamBase Java Monitoring API

- StreamBase EventFlow Operator for Monitoring

- StreamBase Manager (a GUI tool that has monitoring and management functions for StreamBase engine processes)

- StreamBase Cluster Monitor

- epadmin command line operations

- StreamBase Admin REST API

- StreamBase Admin Web UI (available as a preview as of TIBCO Streaming 10.6)

In addition, probably the most common way users monitor StreamBase is to monitor the log files themselves. Again, there is no best way to do this -- there are many ways to parse, analyze, and monitor, and alert on log file contents, and those methods aren't specific to StreamBase itself but similar to any other log monitoring effort.

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