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Automatic update of Spotfire dasboard

Tomasz Demski

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What is the best way to automatically update Spotfire dashboard (i.e. refresh underlaying data) lets say every one minute User would like to get dashboard which shows current data (measurements) without manually updating data.

Data are stored in traditional data base (SQL Server) or in OSi Soft PI.

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You may be interested in TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams:

TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams is an in-memory datamart and command/control center built to provide real-time intelligence from a wide variety of data sources. It performs ultra-fast, continuous computations against high-speed streaming data, and uses a continuous query engine that drives real time alerts as well as live, user-configured visualizations. The Supported Platforms listing below is only a summary. See the installed product documentation for complete information on Supported Platforms.


Connect Streaming Data to Spotfire using Connectivity Wizard


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You can use the TIBCO Spotfire's out of the box feature, ScheduleUpdates to refresh the data

in an analysis. Using Schedule Updates the analysis can be reloaded in the frequency

of minutes, so the least possible frequency would be 1 minute.



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