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Personalized information Links

Prateek Rawat

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Hi Team,


We have implemented personalized information links in System Outliers dashboard using approach mentioned in the below document:


As per the document, we have created a lookup table(IL) with user details, we are joining this IL with our main IL. Post this we have unscheduled the lookup IL so that it is reloaded for every user.

Now users are raising concern with the loading time of the dashboard as it is taking more than 30 secs to load.

Is there a way to reduce this loading time




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See, if you are inserting column from security IL to main table IL and then data relation applies filter, then it is going to take time for each user depending on the dataset they have access to.

Instead, if you already have say role details in main table and security IL also has role details, then only filtering based on data relation would not take much time.

But if you security IL is only taking 30 secs to load for each user, then you may need to do some optimization for your query in IL. SQL execution time can be checked in sql.log onSpotfire server

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