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Can you please provide an example of different log files

Elena Garrido-Jimnez

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Good morning, my name is Elena and in the project I am collaborating, the team needs some results about different types of log files.

As you can see in the documentation of the desktop Tibco Spotfire version we are working with (10.6, documentation avaliable here: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/10.6.0/doc/pdf/TIB_sfire_server_10.6.0_installation.pdfid=0), there is a description of the contents of each log file (and even for some log files, as s3request.log, there is no further description about the type of content in the documentation beyond "Provides information about Amazon S3 storage."); however, we would like to have an actual sample for each log in order to study the structure and way of presenting the results that the documentation provides.

We are specially interested in these log files:





















Thank you very much in advance.


Elena G. J.

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These logs will be available on your spotfire server machine and node manager machine depending on which log you are looking for.


Spotfire Serverlogs are located undertomcatlogsfolder.


Similarly, location of node manager logs -tomcatlogsfolder.



You can get detailed logs from your environment itself once you change log configuration to debug mode.


How to enable Debug Logging - Spotfire Server (Server Version 7.5 and higher)


1. Log in to Spotfire Server, and select Monitoring & Diagnostics.

2. On the Overview page, under Spotfire Servers, select the check box for the server of interest.

3. Click Set log configuration.

4. The Set log configuration dialog opens.

5. In the Log configuration drop-down list, select "Debug", and click OK.

6. Follow above steps for nodes as well

Note: Enabling debug this way does not require a server restart. To export the log file, see Accessing Spotfire Server logs


I am not aware of s3request logs

sql.log will have all information queries which got executed

query.log will have all queries executed by data connector on that webplayer instance


The QueryLog properties listed in this topic are written to the log file namedQueryLog..txt. Each row in the log represents a query, which was generated from a data connectior running on the Spotfire instance and sent to an external data source. By default, the logging level is set toOFF.


To get logs, you will need to turn this logging level to debug mode.


action.log will have user related actions logged if action logs are setup as file based as opposed to database

auditlog will have open analysis, close analysis, login,logout, start, stop webplayer instance etc. information

timinglog will havesimilar information as theAuditLog, except all events also log a start time, an end time, and a duration.


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