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Datatable.Select() query does not work with latitude and longitude fields.

Sumeeth Tewar

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I am trying to filter rows based on if data in the row is located in a particular latitude(real) and longitude (real) location.

The following is what is being used:


rowSelection=table.Select('"Full Name" "'+variableValue+'" AND ' + ' latitude= '+ variableValue1+ ' AND longitude =' + variableValue2);

print('selected rows: ' + str(rowSelection.AsIndexSet()));

cursorQxMinValue = DataValueCursor.CreateFormatted(table.Columns["QxMin"]);

for childRow in tableRef.GetRows(rowSelection.AsIndexSet(),cursorQxMinValue):

print 'found rows: '


From the table the latitude and longitude exists in atleast 3rows, but the code doesnt fetch any.

Please note when i remove the latitude and longitude filters from above query, it works fine!

o/p is

selected rows: 0000

Can you please let me know whats wrong here

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