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Issue of displaying property control (string list of Date) in list box(multiple selection)

Gabriella Zhang

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I'm using property control to filter 2 dashboards using differentdata source. The peroprty control is a string list of date displaying inlist box(multiple selection). In the formula, I use: [ResponseMonthString] in ($map("""${ResponseMonthString}""", ",")) to filter the data. In Spotfire Desktop Analyst, everything works fine. But in Sptofire Web Player, the date filter is not in correct format and order. I have tried it both in Chrome and IE, don't work.

If i use theperoprty control in date list, the display in Desktop Analyst and Web Player is correct, but theformula to filter 2 dashboards is not working.

Attached are the screenshot of date fitler in Desktop Analyst and Web Player.

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