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Distribute data over time

Dev Rathore 2

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I have some machine downtime data I am working with. I am having trouble figuring out how to spread the hours of machine downtime (y-axis) over weekly periods (x-axis). Due to the current spread, what I see is that say an event lasting 720 (30 days) hours starts on a date, say 8/1/2019. I thus see a large spike in the downtime for that week as the entire 720 hours gets tagged to that week. Instead I want to be able to capture 24 hours for the following 30 days.


Any suggestions on how to get this


EDIT: or how can I implement a rolling average solution without hacing to build the math in Excel




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I am not quite sure from spotfire screenshot which date you have used in X-Axis. If you are looking to add rows between start and end date, divide hours between those dates and show that date column in X-axis, you can refer below article:


You would need to tweak it according to your requirement. In your case, you can get datediff between start and end dates and then divide hours column with this date difference.

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