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Minitab and TIBCO Spotfire for Linux

Todd Ericson

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to convert my neighbour to Linux but he asked me whether there are alternatives for:






TIBCO Spotfire


Since I have never used nor heard of these software, I need help.


The only reason he is using Windows 10 (and he admitted that he hates Windows 10) is because of these two software.


Help is highly appreciated.

AndIve been trying to get a 30 ft. HDMI 2.0 cablehttps://whatever-tech.com/best-fiber-4k-hdr-hdmi-cable/ so I can connect my PC to my OLED. Ive had bad luck with cables on amazon and there are simply too many choices and I need some recommendations to help narrow things down.


Note that I do not need HDMI 2.1 cables as my PC only supports HDMI 2.0 even though my C9 supports 2.1.



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