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Color by on visualisations - Filtering and ordering issue

Chris Brawn

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I wonder if anyone can help, when you filter on visualisations, is there anyway of keeping all the values in the colors, even when they return 0. So for example if I had a pie chart showing cats, dogs, hamsters and removed hamsters from the list of filter options. How do I keep it as a colour key on the side I'vetried changing the categorical > Categories:option to Show all values but this doesn't seem to make any difference. When filtering it also seems to affect the ordering of the categorycolours as well, as anyone come across this before

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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When visualization data is limited by filters, rows filtered out will not appear in visualization hence not visible as category in legends.

As a workaround, you can have textarea and show all values over there by inserting in one image. So on filtering though values in chart changes, textarea image will not change.

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