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mark data on Scatter Plot in script

Alexey Smolin 2

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I'm trying conditionally mark data on my scatter plot graph and show related data in 2 other visualisation - first table based on the same Data Table and second table based on related Data Table. Manually it works, all 3 visualisation are changed when I select some markers on my graph.

But after script execution only graph and first table-visualisation changes. Second table-visualisation doesn't. I guess it's because 2nd viz based on another data table (linked with 1st). What I have to add to my script in order to synchronize 2nd xiz with selected rows on graph

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import ScatterPlot

targetViz = markingViz.As[scatterPlot]();

rowSelection = targetViz.Data.DataTableReference.Select(selectStatement);

targetViz.Data.MarkingReference.SetSelection(rowSelection, targetViz.Data.DataTableReference);

script parameters: markingViz (Visualisation), rowSelection (String)

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