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In-db marking limit

Brad Affleck 2

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Hello Baffleck,


The default value for the marking is 1000 currently. It could get changed to 1250 max and for that you will need to open a support case with TIBCO Support. Increasing the value beyond 1500 causes stack overflow with a SQL Server Data Connection.It is advised against raising this limit above 1250 since other connectors and/or features that haven't tested yet might require more stack space.

Because marking of more items (for example, bar segments, pie sectors or markers) results in a more complex query to the external data source, the limit will affect the number of items you can mark. Different visualization types and configurations have varied complexity, so the number of items you can mark will differ between visualizations.

Tip: If you want to include more items in a marking, you can add items to an existing marking by holding Ctrl or Shift and marking further items. This way, you can create markings exceeding the marking limit.

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