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Node Instance is not showing on the Spotfire Server 7.6v web instance

Ana Kvesic

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I have installed Spotfire 7.6 Server and having one issue. On my Web server on Nodes and Services I can not see installed NODE so I can not activate Web Player. Regarads that I can not open any libraries on Web Player. In the attachment Idid add two screenshots:

1. Node not showing - on web server I do not see NODE so I can NOT activate Web Player

2. On the second screenshot the Node is showing in Spotfire Server DB and it is online.

I do not see node under Untrusted Nods, nothing is showing. And the Node Manager is started and running. Not sure what to do when I do not see nodes anywhere!


Should I start instalaltion on new server again


Can you please help.

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I did found this log error below, is therir any way to get CSR again.  


nodemanager.trust.CertificateMonitor: The CSR was rejected by the server Node [serverId=b7da53e9-4bc1-4f0e-825e-74c647b024e9, serverName=USHOU1WPAPL008.rg.repsol.com, port=9443, online=true, siteID=5c2c7b84-e1f4-4187-9799-85a2a48f0ebc]. It may already have a CSR for this node.



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Hello Anna,


It needs to troubleshoot, from the log it looks like you installed the Spotfire server and node manager on the same server.


In the bootstrap make sure correct server name is listed(which we see in logs, refer: https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Unable-to-browse-Spotfire-Server-URL-after-domain-name-hostname-is-changed (first section)

Please make above changes by shutting down both services

If you are using windows server, try to shut down its firewall as well.

Log suggests you are using different ports but still check this kb: https://support.tibco.com/s/article/The-CSR-was-rejected-by-the-server-Node-error-that-results-in-not-being-able-to-trust-a-node





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One more thing you can try


try to remove the keystores on the TSS and TSNM and see if the issue resolves itself:


Stop both Spotfire Server(TSS) and Spotfire Node Manager services (NM)

Clear all the existing logs from both the systems

On the Spotfire Server machine, browse to [spotfire server installation folders]nmtrust folder and delete the keystore file

On the Node Manager machine, browse to [spotfire Node Manager installation folders]nmtrust and delete the keystore file

Restart the Spotfire Server Service

Restart the Node Manager Service

Give it a couple of minutes and then login to 'Admin UI > Nodes and Services > Untrusted nodes' and see if you can trust the node.

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