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binned columns with zero count are not shown on bar graphs

spotfire newbie_2018

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One thing to try could be to changebetween categorical axis mode and continuous axis mode. For example, if you right-click on the X axis and change the Custom expression from


AutoBinNumeric([x],20)it should show up on a continuous scale (with holes where there is no data).

(Change AutoBinNumeric to whatever binning function you are using.)

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Under "Insert", I selected "Insert Binned Column" and set up "Specific Limits" to bin the measurement into something as shown in the original post 11<x<=11.25, 11.25<x<=11.5, 11.5<x<=11.75 , 11.75<x<=12.


The limits were input as follows (separated by semicolon)


11;11.25;11.5;11.75;12;12.25 ...


It appears that once the measurement values are binned, which were originally considered as "Real" by the Data Type, the binned group is now considered "categorcial", not "continuous". 



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That's interesting. The inserted binning column only works in categorical mode, not continuous. Probably because at the level an inserted column works, it has no knowledge of what plot it will be in (possibly several) and/or on which kinds of axes.


You could try the following: Go to Data -> Column properties, select your inserted binned column, and copy the BinBySpecificLimits(something something) expression from the gray text box at the bottom of the dialog to the clipboard.


Then create a new bar chart, right-click on the X ("Category") axis selector and select Custom expression. Paste in the expression as you copied it from the clipboard. It should now be in continuous mode.






In your case, you could even try something like




as a custom expression directly on the X axis. That's easier than manually typing all the limits, if all you want is to divide into bins for each 0.25-multiple.

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