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Append pages into PDF while exporting as PDF using Iron python

Ram Kumar

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I have a dropdown with 4 values [A1,A2,A3,A7]..All the graphs in two pages are limited based on these drop down selection

I need to export these two pages as PDF for each drop down selection in a single PDF file (totally 8 pages)

So far i am able to export it as separate PDF file for each drop down value(4 PDF files 2 pages in each PDF)

I am not sure how to export all the 8 pages in one pdf for each drop down selection

Attaching the script that i am using currently & the dxp file (created in 10.6 version)

I am not comfortable with usingPyPDF2 python module because of my envrionment restrictions

Please let me know if anyone have any solution to the above scenario

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