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Is there a way to tell if columns are used in visuals

Manoj Chaurasia

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I don't think if there is any direct way to find out columns used. You need to check your visualizations/tabs and with business what all columns they need and some columns might not be used directly but they might be used in some calculations. When the business confirms about the columns then you can remove them.

Normally what happens, we just dump all the data and columns from datatables/Info Links into Spotfire client without checking what all will be used which impacts the performance in long run.

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I just tried to delete a calculated column that was being used in my report, and Spotfire gave me a pop-up saying "Other columns in the analysis depend on a column you are about to delete" and then gave me the option to Delete, Hide, or Cancel.

However, it wasn't fool-proof and I ended up deleting a column or two that were used in the analysis (I have a backup version saved and undo also worked fine - just ran this as a test). It would be very beneficial to have another method of checking or having an indicator that shows whether it is used or not used.

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