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help with R data function debugging

gopal rajagopal

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Hi All

I am new to Spotfire and R. It would definitely help me if I can get debugging hints from experienced veterans. I have inherited a somewhat complex Spotfire dashboard

which I am attempting to adapt to a 'new'data sourcewhich has the same structure as the 'old' data source.

One datatableisgenerated by an R function (code provided below). My input parm for thefunctionis ADEX (a table)and output parm is ADEXOUT (a temp table because

I cannot 'see' it in Spotfire)

Note: ADEXOUT is then used to create a data table called ADEX_CLEAN which is visible inSpotfire.

I am attempting to describe the issue below and I request your indulgence.

Unfortunatelythe R data function is not 'working' now with the new data.

It was 'working' before with the older version of the template i.e. 'working' implies that with an

input data set ADEX (input parm) an output dataset called ADEXOUT (output parm), the dataset ADEX_CLEAN is created .

My problem is that Spotfire ADEX_CLEAN datasetis empty. Also I also doNOT get an error which I can 'see'

(and hopefully use to diagnose)

Notes : ADEX_CLEAN is a copy of ADEXOUT (as per the 'source information' associated with the spotfire data table in the 'DataTable Properties'). I have also

attached the log.

AlsoI have checked that Spotfire data tablet ADEX (input parm)exists and has data in it. However, theSpotfire outputdata tableADEX_CLEANdoes not have any data.

I am assuming that this is happening because the R function is not creating the intermediate table ADEXOUT.

Thank you






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