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Production vs Type Curves in Spotfire line chart.

Chad Holland

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I have looked for this solution and I cannot seem to find a best means to display the subject in a line chart. What I am trying to do is take one data table full of daily normalized production data by API into a line chart. Then I want to overlay on that lines that are for the different type curves I have imported into a second data table. Note, I need to be able to turn off and on the different type curves as I need. Also, I would like to be able to differentiate the type curve lines with a dashed line.

I know that I can do this in lines and curves, but the problem is that I have about 15 differnt type curves to work with, and I might add or take away type curves from my main data set in the future. As such, I am trying to avoid creating a seperate data table for each individual type curve, and then creating a seperate line from data table in the lines and curves for each type curve. Doing this would mean that if I add a new type curve in the future, I would need to go into the spotfire and create a new data table and line for each new type curve. Also, I would need to do some coding to be able to turn these lines off and on when desired.

I cannot imagine that this is not doable stock in Spotfire, as it is a fairly basic requirement and common use of line charts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to direct me to another thread explaining this problem that I might have missed.


Chad Holland

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