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How can I call a ironpython script from another script, if someone can provide an example that would be best

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hi. This is how call an another script without parameters:


from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Scripting import ScriptDefinition

from System.Collections.Generic import Dictionary

import clr


scriptDef = clr.Reference[scriptDefinition]()

Document.ScriptManager.TryGetScript("otherScript", scriptDef)

params = Dictionary[str, object]()

Document.ScriptManager.ExecuteScript(scriptDef.ScriptCode, params)

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Hi P.shu,


My Script "A" has an API call using OAUTH to load the Data. that API call is not being made when i load the Spotfire dxp file(created datafunction to trigger script when the doc property changes)   or call this script A from another script (using above code). 


Did this help you in understanding what i was trying to do



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If i run the script inside Edit Window, the API call is being made and Latest Data Loads. but I dont want to manually execute the Script all the time. I want the Script to get executed automatically, or through some button. I tried multiple ways, it looks like the latest data is not loaded until and unless i manually execute the script. 
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