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CustomTool extension only visible for admin account

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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Hello, I recently created a CustomTool that integrates itself into the "Tools" menu at the top of the WebPlayer. I recently discovered that the tool is nowhere to be found when I use a normal account. However, when I log in with Admin account the tool can be seen.

It must be a license that I need to add to the Group that my normal user is part of that will enable them to see the tool. The problem is I don't know which license that would be. I would appreciate a hand, please

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There is TIBCO Spotfire Extensions Licence:

TIBCO Spotfire Extensions this license enables users to view and use Spotfire extensions, such as TERR Tools, or custom extensions, which may be added by developers at your company. When new custom license features are deployed on the Spotfire Server, they will appear under this license. You can then enable or disable each individual license feature if you wish.

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