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How to change Icon in Graphical Table when Clicked

Aleister Mraz 2

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I have what should be a simple task.

I have a data table that is represented by a Graphical Table. Under the properties of such a table, the [Axes] menu allows one to insert a column as a type . For the settings of an type column, one can choose [Actions] and enable {Perform action on click}. This gives the option to attach an IronPython script to the action of clicking the icon.

What I would like to enable is to change the icon from a red'X' to a green 'O' when clicked. The red 'X' icon appears based on a rule for the column when the data is equal to "False", butI would not like to change the underlying data nor the rule. Is this possible (If not, then my workaround will necessitate changing my column from Boolean to Integer and using 'zero' to represent 'false', 'one' to represent 'true', and 'two' to represent 'other'; then, I will still need to get the row of the clicked red 'X' icon and change the datum from 'zero' to 'two'.)

Thanks for any tips on how to use IronPython to access to the row of a clicked icon and/or how to access the icon rules or individual icon apperance.

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