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How to limit list values based on another multiple list selection.

Francesco Guagliardo

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I have a multiple selectionlist (list1) populated with unique entities from a column [A]. I would like that when selecting one ore more entities in that listanother list (list2) showsthe elemets of column limited by that selection in the first list.

So far I have created a new calculated column [calB] using the followig expression: (this column will be assigned to list2)

If("${list1}"=[A],, Null)This unfortunately does not work when selecting multiple elemets in list1 as [calB] will be an empty column.

Another property of [calB] that I'd like to have is that when (none) is selected in list1, [calB]=. Using the above expression if (none) is selected then [calB] is empty.

I wanted to try some case when then statements like:


when "${list1}"= "(none)" then

else If("${list1}"=[A],, Null)But I get a syntax error. And I not even sure it would work like this.

I hope I have been clear.

Thank you.


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