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Tibco Spotfire 10.0 - The task could not be completed. 401 Unauthorized (SessionId not found. ) from iPad Safari WebPlayer

Sudhir Shenoy

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Hi All,

only users can't open a analysis files from iPad Safari browserand getting belowerror :

The Task could not be completed.401Unauthorized (SessionId not found) from iPad safari browser alone. Where aswe can open theanalysis files fine from desktop browser.

Any thoughts on this issues on iPad safari browser

Note: I have followed some suggestions from TIBCO community and installed the SSO. mobileconfig file in iPad device.



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If you used the *.mobileconfig file that indicates that you are using Kerberos. Does the .mobileconfig file include this line


as one of the AppIdentifierMatches


The other thing to confirm is whether you are running Kerberos with Constrained Delegation, as that is a requirement that Apple added a few years ago.

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