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Scattered Plot--How to remove empty values in a Trellis

Abubakar anwar

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Hello to all Spotfire experts,


i am facing a situation that i have two set of variables which I have put in a Trellis in a scattered plot diagram in spotfire.


Now i have some filters which I use to identify how different set of criteria show different results. But there are empty labels in the graphs.


P.S i also have data limiting and I only want to see the top 5 results for each of the Trellis diagram.


I have attached a view in the query. On the left hand side you see that "PT" is visible but it has no value. its because "PT" has a value on the right hand side.


same for "JP".


Looking forward to your suggestions.

Best regards

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Hi Richierich,

i tried using this before but it didn't work. I used AND ([Amount column]) is not null instead of your suggestion. I tried your suggestion and it also doesn't work.


I have values on the y-axis and countries list on x-axis.


Yes, I do not have an expresssion instead i have used show/hide feature in the properties. I think you mean the same. but that is also a bit annoying. in reality i would like to show top 10 but i cannot do so there.


Any further suggestions shall be highly appreciated.



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