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Image rendering not working.... please help


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Hi All,

I am unable to render image in Table viz if I am changing the setting to "image from URL"

Column format is -


I have access to these folders and I can see the image if I paste in browser.

Please refer to the screenshot attached as it says regarding Admin blocking the URL.

Please let me know how to render image in this approach because binary/base64 approach works for me.


Thanks in advance.

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You need to add the specific addresses to Whitelisted URL's or disable the whitelist. You can do the following,

1) Open Spotfire Analyst(with administrator rights) >> Tools Menu >> Administration Manager >> Preferences.

2) Select the desired group >> Application >> Application Preferences.

3) Set "Use Whitelist for Allowed URIs" = False or set the appropriate URL's in the "Whitelist for Allowed URI's"

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