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Information/ Details as When and Who created a Cache Rule in Spotfire 10.1

Sneha Acharya

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Does any know how to retrieve the information as of when a cache rule was initially created (date timestamp)and who (userid/name) created it. This information is not available on Spotfire Admin Console on browser. And I tried to look in Spotfire_Server DB but the only information I got was when was the cache rule last_modified.




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Hi Prashant,

Thanks for responding to the post, but unfortunately there were no records in LIB_ITEM tables for scheduling/cache rules.The query I used (below)didn't retrieve any records from the LIB_ITEM table.














FROM [spotfire_Server].[dbo].[LIB_ITEMS] as l,

[spotfire_Server].[dbo].[ROUTING_RULES] as r

where l.ITEM_ID = r.ID





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