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Custom extension (package) not deployed to Web Player

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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I am trying to deploy a package to a deployment area "TestDownloadFocusedData" (copy of Production). The package's "Indended client" is set to "any" so should be available to the WebPlayer. I have uploaded my package to the "TestDownloadFocusedData" deployment area and switched both the Spotfire Server's and the WebPlayer's "Deployment area" to my test one:



However, that does not seem to be doing anything as when I open my WebPlayer I still cannot see my package (i.e. it's supposed to be in the Context Menu, when I right-click on a visualization).

Note: I noticed that this text appears when I select my Web Player node:


Does the above mean that I have to apply the update If so, where I can do that

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Thanks, Shandilya. I have done that. The service updated fine and the "1 package (s) have updates available" text disappeared. However, I still cannot see my custom tool when I right-click on a visualization only on the Web Player. Is there anything else that might be preventing my custom tool to work on the web player 
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That means your Web Player service is now using the latest package deployed. If you have multiple Web Player Services, please make sure the deploymnet is updated for all. 


If that still doesn't work, it could be a problem with the package. From deployment perspective, you just need to add the package, test the area, save the area and update the deployment area for the Web Player Service.

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