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I have a project folder in the library.

Kiruba Sankar Vasudevan

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I have a project folder in the library. It has got data sources, information links and dxp files. I want to make a copy of the folder and objects in copied folder should act as a independent copy. Challenge now is that when I make a copy of the original folder, the Information links in the new copy are still pointing to the data source of the original folder. Appreciate any solutions!
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Hello Pavan.I have changed the connection string of the Newly copied folder & when i am individually opening the information link from the newly copied folder then it is pointing to the new data source So thinks looks fine but when i am trying to open the .dxp file from the newly created folder then it is pointing to the old information link(Original One)
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Kevin - Using 'Automation Services' is another way of avoiding that procedure but the one you described, works fine though it involves manual steps. If someone wants to try it out, here are the detailed steps:

Environment A:

Catalog/Database name: CIMDEV

Environment B:

Catalog/Database name: CIMSYS

Step#1: Develop the Information Model in environment A

Step#2: Export the Library Content

Step#3: Extract the zip file and open all the files using Notepad++

Step#4: Make a batch update of the Catalog name from--CIMDE-- to--CIMSY-- in all the files (including metadata.xml)

Step#5: Save the files and zip them (make sure the naming convention of the zip file is as the original exported file)

Step#6: Copy this zip archive to the environment B

Step#7: Import the copied library content

Step#8: Modify the User Credentials as needed

If Notepad++ doesn't work, try using the following tool


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Even though if u copy the infolink and analysis to the new folder still the columns path will point to the original data sources.so you need to remove the colunms from the Infolink of the new folder and add it again from the column elements of the new folder.And mean while check the path of the columns of the 2 infolink from different folders.then it ll work.
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I did this previously. What I did was a pain, but it worked. I created 1 Export of all the data model and another with just the data source. I imported the data source and wrote down the guid it created. I then opened up the part0.zip folder of the information model and did a find replace of old guid to new guid on all the files. (you may also need to do a find replace on the schema, database name.....). Then I re-zipped up the part0 file and imported it in. It is very ugly to do, and I would only do it on a test/dev environment. Once you get it working on one machine though, it is separate so you don't have to do it when pushing forward.
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