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Independent Y Axis

Bruce Jenks

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Here is the issue:


I am trying to recreate a graph that we created in Excel. I was able to easily create this in Power Bi.However, Spot Fire is proving to be much more difficult.Attached shows what I have done so far.

On the left Y-axis, you will notice it shows two values. The Projected Cost and the Actual cost. On the right Y-Axis, these are the projected depth and the actual depth.

Issues I am having:

1) I only want to show one scale on each Y -axis, not two. But I want to keep the lines as is. Unfortunatley there is no option that I can find to do this.

2) The left Y-axis needs to be in Currency and the right Y-axis needs to be numerical. However, when you change the format on one side, it changes both sides. That is why both sides are currently showing currency in the attachment.

3) I need the Cost Projected and the Depth Projected to be broken lines. I am unable to find how to accomplish this.


Summary: I need much more control over the columns I am using (Projected Costs, Actual Costs, Projected Depth, Actual Depth).

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