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How do I write back to database using infolink from html form with a submit button in spotfire

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I've created an html form in tibco spotfire text area. I've created property controls with 3 parameters, (2 strings and 1 integer). I've created a submit button. The problem I have at the moment is that I need a spotfire ironpython script to collect the data from the html forms(the property controls), and submit the data back into the information link(it's a stored procedure pulled from db) I've created, to write back to the data table, once the submit form button is clicked. How do I do this Does anyone have a similar ironpython script that does this sort of thing. I think my main issue is passing the parameters from the form to the database
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You can refer to the script in the following wiki article,



To retrieve the values from document properties to your script below would be the code




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