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Steps to generate feed simulation using JDBC source(PostgreSQL database) in streambase for alive analysis in spotfire on the data coming in to database

Geetika Saini

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I have a scenario where I need to do real-time analysis in Spotfire. Data that is flowing from the Postgres Database and its getting feed every minute.

I am planning to use Streambase by creating a LiveView project which then can view the data tables in Spotfire. For the LiveView project, I am trying to create a feed using live simulator functionality,I am aware we can do some configurations in Streambase to achieve it so but I am facing issues. I am attaching screenshots of the process I followed.

here are the steps:-

1. create a LiveViewproject using steps mentioned in Tibco documentation-http://docs.streambase.com/latest/index.jsptopic=/com.streambase.sb.ide.help/data/html/lv-devel/lv-tutorial.html

2. I have replaced the generation method from random to JDBC source.

I am getting the errors and warning that no Output stream is available.

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Thanks for the screenshots. 


I'll review these and get back to you.


If I could gently explain the way the Community Answers posts are supposed to work (because the reason to have these discussions in a public place in a question/answer format is for the benefit of others with similar issues in the future), then clarifications or discussions about the question itself (or refining the question) should be in a Comment to the question, rather than in an Answer. Answers are for separate answers to the question posed, which community users are then supposed to vote up and down. At least in theory. And then discussion about the individual answers go in a comment thread such as this one. For more details on how we intend people to use the Answers section of Community, we have this Wiki page: https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/tips-asking-and-answering-questions



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Another comment, because I would like you please to refine the question. Why do you want to use a feedsim for getting "real-time" updates from a database Is it because that was the first of the 3 options I wrote about in my  Sep 14, 2019 - 10:51am comment to your Answers post https://community.spotfire.com/questions/how-can-i-create-live-view-using-my-own-data-set-streambase 


I'm asking because at first glance a feedsim is not a very tool to use for trying to get periodic (I won't say real-time) updates from a database, and I'm wondering if perhaps you are taking my list of options too seriously. 

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I have looked at these two screenshots, which appear to show two different partial stack trace screen captures in the Console view of Studio of the same error.


The error has something to do with the StreamBase runtime not being able to find the Postgres JDBC Driver java classes, and there's nothing in those screen shots that show the "warning that no Output stream is available" that you mention in the Question part of this post, so are you reporting two different errors or one or three I can't tell.


In any case, not being able to find the Postgres JDBC Driver classes is mostly likely a configuration issue on your machine, and it could be resolved by several different actions depending on what you've done and haven't done.


If you'd like further analysis of the cause of your error, I would have to see the contents of your LiveViewTestJDBC project and also understand how you've set up both Studio and your runtime environment to find the Postgres JDBC classes.


1) Did you follow all the suggestions on the http://docs.streambase.com/latest/topic/com.streambase.sb.ide.help/data/html/testdebug/feedsim-jdbcdatasource.html documentation page Could you better describe what you have tried or provide your project files


2) Should we be trying to make this work at all, given that feedsim isn't a good way to stream database updates


3) When reporting specific errors -- rather than making screenshots of the Console view, it is helpful to have the whole contents of the console output itself. One way to do that is to right-click on the Console view and then Select All, Copy then paste into a text editor, save the file, and provide that file.


4) You are using StreamBase Studio 10.4 here, but what specific version of 10.4 Frpm Studio, if you do Help > About from the menu bar it will give a 3 part number like 10.4.3 or 10.4.4. I'm asking because it might matter which fixes you already have.

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