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Unable to load CRAN Package Repository through TERR Tools

Aiman Zamri

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I am trying to install custom R packages from the CRAN repository but I am unable to connect to the repository to install them

I click on the Tools tab and click to TERR Tools and I can't load anything from the drop down of the CRAN Package Repository. There is also no tick box to set IE Proxy Settings either as I have been advised from another question on the TIBCO Community to do

What can I do to get packages from the repository to load in my Spotfire

I am on Spotfire Analyst 7.11.1

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Spotfire Analyst client doesn't have a way to enable a proxy server, this is only available in the Web Player. If you need to go through a proxy on your computer to reach an external URL, I would advise that you go to the CRAN website outside of Spotfire and download the packages you need. You can then install them by extracting the contents of the .zip file to the appropriate folder. Packages for TERR Tools are stored here:

[My Documents]/TERR/x86_64-pc-windows-library/[TERRversion]


There should be an individual folder for each package, see attached screenshot for an example.

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