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Version of R package incompatible with TERR

Erick Perez

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I need help with a script that uses the package '' vctrs '', the script runs successfully in RStudio, incorporating it into Spotfire generates the following error.

TERR 5.0


TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error

The data function 'Transactions_Basket_Analysis_v1.0' could not be executed.

Error in .loadNamespaceImpl (package, path, keep.source, partial): error executing useDynLib for dynamic library 'vctrs' from package 'vctrs' loaded from C: /Users/Documents/TERR/x86_64-pc-windows-library/5.0 : Error in library.dynam (chname = chname, package = package, lib.loc = ...: Foreign binary vctrs could not be loaded

eval (expr, send, enclos)

eval (expr, send, enclos)

library (arulesViz)

.loadNamespace (package, lib.loc = lib.loc, keep.source = keep.source,

.loadNamespaceImpl (package, path, keep.source, partial)

.createImportEnv (nsinfo, package)

loadNamespace (i)

.loadNamespace (package, lib.loc, keep.source, partial, quietly,

.loadNamespaceImpl (package, path, keep.source, partial)

.createImportEnv (nsinfo, package)

Thank you very much for your help and time.

Best regards,

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This error generally occurs when there is any package version difference between the latest supported package by TERR and the one you have loaded/installed.

I tried to load vctrs package at my end in TERR 5.0 using package management and it loads fine with vctrs version 0.1.0

Above error description also states, you have used arulesViz package. So you can check the latest version of that package compatible with TERR vs. what is loaded at your end

Tools > TERR Tools > Package Management > Select CRAN Repository > Click on Load > search arulesViz (Check the version)

Similary, you can check the version of package installed at your end by navigating to that package on left side in package management

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