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I'm really out of options and I'm quiet frustrated. I could really use your help. Been at this for days...

Jerry Alex

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I've configured the Spotfire Statistical Services to the SAS engine and followed all the instructions to the T. I've tested the stats URL (with the SAS engine) in the browser and when I pass in the SAS coded within the URL it works as expected giving me an XML output of the results.

Now the interesting or rather the frustrating challenging aspect of this is, when I try to create a data function using the exact script that worked via the URL from within the Spotfire Analytics session - it fails.

Actually it fails if i were to use a SAS script that calls in a 'set' statement to take in the name of a data table passed in as a parameter ('TABLE') value from the data functions options. However, if i use a simple SAS script that does not use the 'SET' statement but rather a sequence of loop statements to create observations - it works fine.

Attached is the error I'm receiving. There is no error returned from within the SAS code execution. But the error is thrown when Spotfire tries to retrive back the final dataset created by the SAS script.

I've exhausted all options tying to find out the cause but to no avail. I could really use some help in helping me analyze the problem or what I should do to resolve this issue.


I've attached a screenshot of the error I'm receiving.

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