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Live data in Reports... How to handle without Schedule updates


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Hi All,

My report is connected to SAP HANA with around 1 millions rows, where User want this report to be live data without schedule updates and data caching.

When I develop this report without any UI, it is loading slow when User clicks the link of the report. So User does not want this too.

So is there any way to handle this situation.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi HS,

If caching is not an option, and data is loading slow, I would say the best option is the use of an automation job that exports data to library (.sbdf file) which is then used in the dashboard.

In case your query would normally take 5 minutes to load the 1 million rows, you could refresh your automation job each 5-10 minutes. The dashboard can the be build on that .sbdf file and it loads really fast (seconds). And every 5-10 minutes, the data is refreshed so your users will have the latest data with a 5-10 minutes latency.

Kind regards,


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