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Coloring column based on column comparison - Spotfire Analyst 7.7


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Hello all

Have a cross-tab with 8 columns. I need to compare one column AuthYoY and TotAuthYoY, and if AuthYoY > TotAuthYoY, need to color as 'green' or some color. Basically, a column by column comparison, for each row.

The cells values are formed in the expressiion in the Axes as:

Sum([Auth_Net_Frnt_CAD]) / Sum([Pre_Esr_Athrz_Net_Frnt_CAD])) - 1 as [AuthYoY]

Sum([Auth_Net_Frnt_CAD]) OVER (All([Axis.Rows])) / Sum([Pre_Esr_Athrz_Net_Frnt_CAD]) OVER (All([Axis.Rows]))) - 1 as [TotAuthYoY]

Selecting the color option doesn't provide me with the columns, but only Axis.Color.

Tried looking at the forums and searching, couldn't find anything, that I could pick up. Something like assigning the Axes columns to a Document.Property and doing an IF condition ...

Help appreciated. (If any of you have written similar code(ironPython or any expression), great if you could please share)


Thanks in advance


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