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Write back into a database with data from scatter plot

Victoria M

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I have many scatter plots in my quite large dashboard which are getting data from many data sources. My custommer wants me to create another scatter plot which would have some sort of cumulative data from all other scatter plots in the dashboard. The only way of doing this I guess is to get data from all scatter plots stored in a database table. I have database table and can create stored procedure to save data. The only problem is - I don't know how to save data from scatter plot. I would need to save bothX andY values. I am not very good at scripting.

Please help.

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I don't think making one table will work for me. On my scatter plots i put markers not by rows but one marker is made up from selection of rows. each Y axix value is calculated using some times very complicated formulas and these formulas are all different for each scatter plot.... Each data source has millions of records. Whole dashboard loads for 50 min if I am lucky.


Let's say I have data like this:


Product Value
ProductA Value1
ProductA Value2
ProductB Value3
ProductB Value4
ProductC Value5
ProductC Value6
ProductA Value7
ProductB Value8
PruductC Value9




On my scatter plots I will have only 3 dots, one per each product. Y value will be for example an Average of values for each product. Another scatter plot will have 3 dots but Y value will be something else.


Hope this makes sense

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I guess my customers are not quite sure but my guess is it will have to be some kind of average value. Although thinking about it, some scatter plots I have show average values, others show ratios, kind of comparing apples with oranges... Maybe I will have to normalise the values somehow.


Edit. Yes. there will be an average value. Bear in mind the values in the example are calculated from other columns, not just simply taken from the table.

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