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TERR + RStudio

Chetan Arvind Patil

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Hi All,

- Has TIBCO stopped community version of TERR download via TIBCO Access Point Why

- Newer version of RStudio doesn't work without issues with TERR. If via Global Options on RStudio, R engine is pointed to TERR then it freezes RStudio. Any insight on why I can move to older version of RStudio, but then I lost the exe of TERR which now TIBCO doesn't provide via TIBCO Acess Point

Please suggest solutions.

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Please find the system requirements for TERR 5.0 which gets downloaded from TAP. If you would like to get previous version, you can download/requestit from edelivery.tibco.com.


Note this text in requirements:

"TERRhas been tested for compatibility with the versions of the RStudio IDE listed here. Not all features are supported, and compatibility with future RStudio releases is not guaranteed."

If you still face issues, you can raise support case to investigate on this issue.

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