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TIBCO Spotfire Load Balancer not working in Google Chrome (working in IE)

Sudhendu Pandey 3

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We have a strange issue with the Spotfire Web Player. We are able to open the spotfire webpage and navigate eveywhere except the Dashboard.

Once we click on the dashboard link, it turns out the we get connection timeout error. The error message is: This site cant be reached.ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

When we do the exact same thing in IE, it works and the dashboard displays.

After debugging we realize that in Chrome, our Load balancer URL is https://xyz.com. Once we click on the dashboard URL, the URL changes to http://xyz.com/dashboardlink

In IE, this is not happening and the https:// is preserved even when the dashboard opens. If we manually edit the URL in chrome and make https:// and enter, it works just fine.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue We checked our LB setup and it looks OK.

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Hey Sudh,

Can you try forcing chrome to use HTTPS by performing the steps below


- Access the URL "chrome://net-internals/#hsts" from google chrome.

- Select "Domain Security Policy" on the left hand side.

- Under "Add HSTS domain", enter the domain where Spotfire is hosted and click "Add".


You can also try chrome extensions that force https redirection.

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