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Spotfire Map Well Stick Line Color - Change When Marked

Matt Maguire 2

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I am plotting well sticks on a map using latitude and longitude. (This means I am plotting a start point and an end point, and I have turned on the connecting line.) There are some helpful articles on how to do this at the following links.



These work fine. The problem is when I select the wells I want (i.e mark them), I have to select either the end point or start point of a respective well. And when I do this, only those points that are selected change color. I would also like the line that connects the two points to change color. This would make the selection much more noticeable.

How can I make the line connecting the points change color I am attaching a screen shot of what I see. The well stick colors are the same as all the other wells. Only the start and end points are blue for the wells I have selected. Somehow I would like the wells I select to be much more easily highlighted.


Regards, Matt

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