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Is it possible to compress data in an sbdf file in spotfire

Prateek Rawat

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Unfortunately, it cannot be compressed more. The TIBCO Spotfire Binary Data Format stores the data and metadata from your analysis in binary form. It can be used to greatly increase the performance when working with linked data in TIBCO Spotfire.

If your requirement is to occupyless space on disk for the file exported, try STDF or .xlsx for reducing file size. But with SBDF and STDF, you will get better performance.

The TIBCO Spotfire Text Data Format also includes metadata. For example, the data types of the columns are saved, so you do not need to specify any import settings when opening files of this data format in TIBCO Spotfire. If you select the TIBCO Spotfire Text Data Format (*.stdf) you will be able to open the file in older versions of TIBCO Spotfire, but you might not get all functionality of the Spotfire Text Data Format.

You would not be able to save STDF in spotfire library. Only SBDF files would be saved in Spotfire library.

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