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Making a calculated column from a string to a integer

Jake Werber

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In my data set I need to make a indicator column, I am trying to do this thorugh the add calculated column and when I make the column it comes out as a string. I know its doing this becasue the column that I am using is a string. What I want, is to make a column that goes from 'AC' to '1' for example. Do you have any suggestions
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You're on the right path with the case() statement, but you are putting the results in quotation marks, so Spotfire sees them as strings. Do something like:


case [DELAY_CO]

when "AC" then 1

when "AU" then 1


else 0 end


All of the values in the then/else statements must be the same data type, but they can be different than the data types in the when clause.

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