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Installing Tibco Spotfire Client 10.4, installer is not asking for "server path" details while installing 10.4 like it used ask in 7.14.


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Hi Guys,

Tibco Spotfire Server is up and running.

But when I am installing 10.4 client(which I download from Tibco eDelivery site), it's not asking me for "Server Path" while installing, like it used to ask in 7.14.

And after my installation gets over, I gives rise to two major problems -

1. Unable to get login dialog box even if I open Tibco Spotfire Desktop(show login dialog)... It simply starts without asking for credentials.

2. My library option is disabled, which is quite obvious as Client installer did not ask me "Server Path" and neither I was able to login from login dialog box.

Is there anything Tibco changed in client installer.

Please help, Its very urgent.

Thanks in advance.

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