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Scatter plot - co-trellising values from two data tables, where the plot is trellised by column name

Spencer Alexander

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I have two data tables - one with twostats that trend over time, and one with baseline values for those stats. In a scatter plot, I plot the two stats over time. The scatter plot is trellised by column name, so that the two stats show up in separate panels. To the scatter plot I have added horizontal lines, populated from the second data table, to show the baselines for each stat. However, the horizontal lines do not trellis with the stats. How can I arrange it so that they do

E.g., say that the stats are the prices of two stocks (A and B) over time. Right now, these trends are shown in two different trellis panels. In each of these trellis panels is shown a horizontal line for the baseline price for both stocks - but I want only the baseline price for stock A to show up in A's plot, and only that for stock B to show up in B's plot.

I have tried doing this through managing data table relations, but without success. I also can't simply duplicate the visualization and remove one stock from each resulting visualization, due to other items that I am also plotting.

Thanks for any assistance!

(Note: I am using TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 10.0.0 HF-004.)

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