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How to Display accumulative sum (line graph) and sum of value (bars ) by using a drop down property control

gurusai sankar

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Hi All,

i am showing Forecast , Actual and Projected cost acummulative sum (Y-Axis) in Line graph by using below dropdown property control called Cost with PERIOD_NAME (X-Axis).

Forecast , Actual , projected contains Cap & Exp cost for each.

Below is the dropdown which i created (Cost). It contians 3 options

Total : It gives accumulative sum of total Cap +Exp cost for each (Forecast Cap + Forecast Exp) ,sum(ActualCap) + ActualExp),sum (ProjectedCap + ProjectedExp)

Cap : it gives accumulative sum ofCap cost for each ( sum(Forecast Cap),sum(ActualCap),sum(ProjectedCap)

Expit gives accumulative sum of Expcost for each( sum(Forecast Exp),sum(Actual Exp),sum(Projected Exp)

i have done this and we are able to show a line graph which will give accumultive sum.

My Requirement is - we should provide bothoptions to the user either to see accumulative sum and justsum of the value dynamically . accumulative sum sould be inline graph, sum of value should on bars.

Kindly provide some solution on this.



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Thanks Jim. If i want to have two charts permenetly - can i use only one propoery dropdown which i created for cummulative trend line. else can i also create seperare propoery dropdown for sum of Value So in that case should use two dropdown proport contols for each chart 







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