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Dynamic axes from drop down list

Sheryl Enos

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Would it be possible to make a cross table dynamic by using a drop down list to specify the chart type to be shown and having the associated values as a comma (or period) deliminated list with different column names and then use the split function in as the axis and value I tried this and the output seems to be correct ([ExpectedColumn]) but it does not read it as a column name

Is there a better or alternative way to do this

For example:

Drop down list assigned to property ${ChartToShow}




Chart Axis Expressions

X axis: = Expected output [TARGET] or [ASSAY]

Y axis: = Expected output [CONCENTRATION] or [HOST]




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You can use this simple iron python script which will assign the axis values to 3 different document properties



Document.Properties["Xaxis"]= chartexp.split(",")[0]

Document.Properties["Yaxis"]= chartexp.split(",")[1]

Document.Properties["Cellvalue"]= chartexp.split(",")[2]


Where Xaxis, Yaxis and Cellvalue are the three dummy document propeties

Now in your cross table axis, just mention Vertical axis Expression = [${Xaxis}] as [${Xaxis}], Horizontal axis expr = [${Yaxis}] as [${Yaxis}] and Cell values exp = Max([${Cellvalue}]) as [${Cellvalue}]

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